it's not the pronunciation that bothered me

I was having one of those mornings, those mornings, when I received this magical typo from a client:

Here are some men raped by (agency name). Let's check on there viability.

Can't always rely on spellcheck now can we? An inappropriate raping AND the wrong "there".....this person clearly needs a stiff drink and a Hooked on Phonics workbook.


I'm off to Phoenix so behave yourselves in my absence. You know I hate coming home to a mess. I will, however, be attending my first Catholic anything, and a Mexican wedding at that; hopefully I won't burst into flames so I can describe my religious experience upon returning. How embarrassing that everyone is going to sing songs and I won't know the words. Christ hates those who lip-synch, I'm sure of it.

Feliz Viernes, amigos -


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