the fourth wall

Excerpt from a chat with one of my more unique talent, a charming young lass who describes the following in a manner and tone one would expect when reading a grocery list:

"Well I'm working at this place called _______, which is a high end lounge with an S&M motif. Some nights are themed and masters bring their slaves, some nights we have to act out masturbating while getting choked...it's a good gig. The other night I got beyond wasted on Jack and (A-list male celebrity deleted) stuck his camera all up in my crotch while I was on stage, but I was too tanked to care. That night I was only wearing red tape on my nipples and red fishnets. I just like it better than Vegas, performing out there gets monotonous."

Monotonous. The woman standing there brought us a plate of homemade rice krispy treats, and later tonight will mimic fetish sex on stage for the pleasure of the wealthy elite.

I would give anything to see her resume.

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