hearts and shit

Not only did I lie alone in my bed in the dark on a Sunday night watching "Camp" on Netflix, but I also re-wound it to watch Vlad in the swimming scene at the end..........more than once. You don't even need to know this train wreck of a B-movie to know this was the most pathetic pre-Valentine's display of gayness in the history of time.

I did however double-check to make sure I wasn't an actual pedophile, and the actor was 24 even though he was playing a high school junior. So in my mind that makes it less creepy.

What's MORE creepy was I found his birthday when googling him to make sure I wasn't missing out on any questionable low-budget films he may have also made, including but not limited to any roles without pants.

And THAT'S how I spent my Valentine's Eve.

This post brought to you by the Committee to Make You Feel Better About Your Life In Comparison.


words to live by

I still want this framed above my bed. Got to figure out a way to make that happen