Byron's post (motivation, not content)

I didn't know the right way to come back. I disappeared for two weeks and now here I am, tail between my legs. How to ease back into your life....something poignant? Something relevant? Begging for forgiveness? Acting like nothing happened?

No. To break the shitty-blogger ice, I give you this:

Now lest any panties get into a wad, this is of course not a personal statement. If I were actively doing blow I'd be a size 2 and the most couture bitch on the block. No, it just REALLY makes me laugh, so clearly it earned feature placement in this, the blog post long overdue.

Thanks for not giving up on me. More inappropriate, random, and ultimately pointless musings coming soon.

hugs not drugs -



then and now

Five months ago, I wrote this.

It's weird to me because I vividly remember that day. The rain, the phone calls, the holy-shit of it all. And now here I am, fast-forwarded almost five months to the day and everything is indeed OK. I just put my new first day of work outfit in the dryer, a hot little J. Crew pant and button up combo that screams professional-homo-in-the-big-city. It will be worn with my new backpack. Satchel? Sack for my shit. REI calls it an"urban sling" but that's a little too swishy even for me. This whole commute thing is new to me, so I needed a trusty sidekick for my train/bus/walk extravaganza that comes with living opposite a large body of water from one's place of employment.

I don't really know what I want to say. It's surreal. The move, the living arrangement, part time work, now full time work, San Francisco, etc....I'd say happy ending, but it's still one giant beginning. The major lessons have been gallons of patience, oceans of optimism, and finding that delicate balance between working to accomplish and letting fate do its thing. It's been good. Real good.

But I'm trying hard to keep this in mind as well:

I have lots of awesomeness happening. More than most. But as quickly as it arrives it can depart, so the focus is on acknowledging and enjoying every aspect of my current good fortune.

Take some time to appreciate this week.

Also, please send positive vibes so I get on the correct bus. I'm still moderately inept at public transit.

Thanks, Friends -



life happens