hair today, gone tomorrow

I got my hurrrrr did yesterday.

not exactly.

Continuing the 2010 trend of trying new things, I went to a real salon. The kind of place where they bring you beer, massage your scalp, and display spray-painted art on the wall that resembles a fancified vulva. This is a drastic departure from the processed plastic hell that is my typical Supercuts experience. Having had the same hair style since Clinton's first term, I thought it was high time to try something new.

I am not necessarily proud of the fact that my definition of breaking the mold is underwhelming to most. I rarely change my order, let alone eat somewhere I've never tried, but I am how I am. And I maintain that there are worse ways to get a thrill than walking a different route to work.

But back to the hair. In a complete departure from character, I just told the man to do something. Anything. I am about as hip as a tape deck, so my concept of what is currently cool should never be trusted.

So he did something different. Not multiple colors or layers by any means, but a noticeable difference. And I feel fun! And fresh! And I bought real product (although he didn't completely sell me on the necessity of a hair dryer)! Overall I'm quite pleased.

And a little ashamed I don't let go more often.

This has been my realization over the holiday break. Sometimes you just have to fuck it. I'm tired of "Ohdeargodbutwhatif..." So what? Hair grows back. Life goes on.

I spend too much money on good champagne for turkey day. But it was damn tasty, and I got to share it with some of my nearest and dearest. And after I type this, I'll probably never think about how much it was again. But I'll remember that it was good, and that makes it worthwhile. And that's all that matters. There's a vast, vast amount of things and places and people I won't get to experience before I die, for a variety of reasons, and I think that's true of everyone. Might as well try as much as possible, whenever possible. And if it sucks, you don't do it again. But at least you tried.

So I didn't hike Malaysia, or eat exotic roots, or tattoo stars above my hoo-hah. But I like remembering that steps, no matter are small, all move you in the right direction.

Lather, rinse, repeat -



just don't

Rant nuggets, now 100% white meat:

-Do not assume that because you are Sally Sunshine at 6am that everyone else is too. I apologize, overly-exuberant middle aged couple, but I do not have a life boner over being at the Sacramento airport before dawn.

-Do not lose your shit at work. This is a big one, and I came dangerously close to violating my own rules on Friday. Instead, step outside, smoke the hell out of a Parliament, do your work, and get the fuck out. Then, by all means, lose your shit. But until you're a safe distance away, never let 'em see you cry.

-Do not make excuses. I for one smell that stink a mile away. Make an informed decision, stand by it, and if you were wrong, own up. I'm starting to think the entire world needs to grow a pair.

-Do not say there isn't time. There's always time if you make something a priority.

-Do not put so much as a Hershey's fucking Kiss in front of me, because I am officially pudgy. Balls.

- Do not forget to be thankful. Not just this week, every goddamn day. Fo' real.

That feels good.
Something more positive in the near future, promise.

Can I get a "hellz yes" for the short week?



if I had hair, I'd whip it

New green sweater = swag on.


goodnight moon

you don't have to be alone to be lonely.