city of angels

So we meet again....me, a Sunday evening, and by whatever chance of fate, now you. One of these days I'll get over apologizing for the places my mind goes once the sun sets on another week, but I'm not there yet. It would of course be easier if I wrote this anonymously, or didn't worry about any form of judgment or repercussion....but when you're a big ol' sack of crazy, I suppose you have to embrace what comes with the territory.

I am rounding the corner on 25 and still spell "judgment" wrong. Every. Fucking. Time. It's maddening.

For no reason in particular I'm listening to slow trance-y techno, which while perfect for drugs and long talks, is not conducive to being positive and productive when home alone. My room looks like a Goodwill exploded, our kitchen is a biohazard, there are emails to write and checklists to cross off, and all I really want to do is watch The Big Lebowski.

As I just momentarily daydreamed about a nightcap somehow appearing in the form of a white russian, a roach took a leisurely stroll across my bed. Well, halfway across. I took a few seconds to silently curse this overpriced infested shanty I call home, then Raid-ed his buggy ass to hell and back.

I even flicked him onto the floor first, lest I Raid my sheets. Two points for planning ahead.

What I'm getting at is I want to go back to Saturday afternoon, when we climbed to the top of LA and silently sat in the sun, breathing in the joy that comes from being above it all. In case you're not from these parts, the best part about rain in LA is that all the smog and dust and ego disappears, and for a day or two afterward everything is as clear and beautiful as the postcards would have you believe. What most citizens of this fair city take to be a punishment, a burden, a struggle, in actuality it creates the opportunity for something amazing to emerge.

The trick during the rain is to remember that it's temporary.

There has been a lot of hardship lately, friends and strangers alike. While I'm slightly baffled at the sudden rainstorm of misfortune, I'm hoping that everyone will not only make it through but also be blessed with a clearer view on the other side.

chin up, lil soldiers -


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  1. Thanks, Jeffrey. I need any pep talk I can get right now, and this is a good one.