the naked truth

Yet another chapter in the book of Things I Feel Only Happen To Me....

Last night I'm on the couch, having a lukewarm cocktail, watching reality TV...a fairly common weeknight all around....and I see a "news" story that Levi Johnston (grandbaby-daddy a la Sarah Palin fame) is set to expose his totem pole for an adult publication next month. To which I say, round of applause for that life choice. If there's anything I love more than a barely legal corn-fed lad, it's a naked barely legal corn-fed lad.

So I promptly cruise on over to said adult website, getting the lay of the land before I ultimately hand over twenty some odd dollars next month to see first-hand if everything is in fact bigger in the Great White North. And as I'm clicking through preview galleries, I think, wow, there's a nice looking guy.

In fact, I've maybe seen him somewhere before.
In fact, that tattoo looks strangely familiar.

In fact, he's one of my talent.

Now, a few truths that I hold to be self-evident about the people I represent: they are (a) ripped, (b) poor, and (c) vain. Whenever you take young, attractive people who love attention and dangle wads of cash in front of their bright eyes, their chonies will hit the floor before you can say "arch your back and look this way."

So I'm not surprised, per se. He wasn't the first, nor will he be the last. But now I have a conundrum. I obviously want to click the link that leads to the money shot, because he's hot and I'm voyeuristic and I'm not really sure how you couldn't connect those dots. But I also have to be sure I could have a professional discussion about his marketing tools without breaking down into a giggle fit and squealing "I'VE SEEN YOUR PEE-PEE."

These are the sort of things they don't prepare you for in college. What to do when you find your independent contractors in compromising positions on the internet 101. I need that way more than I ever needed Business Writing. Just another hazard of being an agent, losing the comfortable anonymity that should be internet porn.

....and in case you're wondering, I looked. Totally worth it.

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