the soup du jour tastes like defeat

Last night I got home to the gastronomically thrilling choices of one turkey burger, soup, or spaghetti. Spaghetti was the blue plate special not even 24 hours prior, and we didn't have any buns for the burger. So it was a battle of wills between me and Campbell's Chunky Chicken Tortilla.

The more I stared at the soup, the more it pissed me off. Do you ever get that wholly irrational feeling, where your hatred toward the soup grows and grows until you would somewhat-sincerely consider throwing yourself out the window before just admitting defeat and eating the fucking soup? Blame in on the planetary positions or my monthly flow, or both, but I swear that soup brought me closer to a man-sized tantrum than I have been in at least seven days.

But you know the feeling, yes? I guess it doesn't have to be soup. Insert your own less-than-desirable option. The pure unbridled rage remains the same.

The soup. That soup. Fucking soup. It sat there all high and mighty, flanked by the black beans, knowing it had the upper hand on my very emotional well being.

So when the going got tough...I said fuck it and walked to sushi.

Yup. No one to go with, and not really any money to pay for it, but I took myself on a date. I didn't go crazy or anything, sticking to the happy hour menu, but it was a personal victory nonetheless. Spicy Tuna win, and I went home a noticeably happier camper.

And then today, I suddenly had a craving for Del Taco like I can only imagine sharks get for blood. Visions of crinkle fries danced in my head, and I began smelling phantom scents of spicy chicken burrito. However, not only is it comparable to eating an actual vat of greasy death when I'm working hard to be less-chub, but the checking account can only tolerate my impulsiveness to a certain degree. So I got a $5 footlong from Subway, no cheese, no condiments...but I did get a cookie. One cookie won't kill me, or the budget, but oh the difference it makes in my patience level for the afternoon. Mind-blowing.

Happy Wednesday amigos. Whereas we can't always make our wildest desires come true, we can improvise for the time being. Be sure to take the small victories where you can get them.


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