the choosiest choice of all

Interesting thought courtesy of cable news....

It being election night and all, Anderson Cooper is on CNN being all knowledgeable and silver foxy, revving my engine whilst discussing New Jersey's new fat governor and other things I moderately care about.

speaking of inflation....purrrrr

AC's wild sex appeal aside, he said something that intrigued me. Regarding health care being all FUBAR and contentious blah blah blah, he said something that I find to be true on every level of existence: we take care of things that are important to us.

His point? After the planes and the bombs and the towers, we were all fired up and "fuck you, sandy countries!" This war, these wars, years down the line, we've pumped so much money into them it sounds like Dr. Seuss describing the budget: kublooions and bagrillions on troops, tanks and more!" But many act as though we couldn't find a dime in the couch cushions to fix health care.

And this isn't a political commentary. I'm not pro or anti war. Point is, there's money. Where it goes depends on what we deem important.

Kind of applicable to all situations, no? We make it work when we need to. Whether we're aware of it or not, we have a set of priorities. Some areas of life get love, and some get the one night stand treatment. No really, it was great. Of course you're important to me. We'll stay in touch.

And you mean it....at the time.

It's a big theme in my life lately, and maybe yours too. Like my old man would say, excuses are like assholes; everybody has one. I'm as guilty as the next guy of cutting myself a little too much slack. And while it's not always appropriate to call out other people, you can always call out yourself. Don't blame distant friends when you don't pick up the phone. Don't blame the weather, is all its innocence, for your mood. You choose to work out or eat, to invest or to spend, to speak up or stay silent. And it's always just that...your choice.

That's all. Just make peace with your priorities, and know you have more control over them than you probably realize.

Namaste, my lovelies -


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  1. Sometimes I wonder if you can read my mind because so often you say just what I needed to hear.

    Much love, sugar. And I may be seeing you soon, if I'm lucky.