role models

I know I keep writing about the damn grocery store....but really it's the most happening place in this town. As I'm rounding the corner on the booze aisle, I overhear:

"I'm gonna go ahead and get two or three bottles of wine for me...I mean, since we're here."

Holy hell...this is a win on so many levels. This woman is a WASPy poster-child: probably a mid-level executive, blond hair with a hint of roots, suede blazer, I'd guess an overpriced faux-SUV in the parking lot. Her man friend, also without wedding ring, is in loafers, no socks. Notice how she jumps straight to two or three...one bottle is for beginners. Also, for ME....as in, if you think you're going to have even the slightest urge to fuck tonight, my eyes are going to need to be floating in chardonnay. But my favorite part? "I mean, since we're here." HAHAHA. Right. Like you're doing everyone a huge favor by being so thoughtful as to plan ahead. God forbid you run out.

This woman was undeniably pure gold. I hope I run into her again.

Also, if you've put two and two together and realized I was by myself in the liquor aisle at 6pm on a Saturday night, feel free to lick my tits. Sometimes you have to make your own entertainment, alright?

Happy Saturday. Bottoms up.


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