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It's graduation season. I had mentally outlined a themed post accordingly, all Baz Luhrmann and Green Day lyrics, et cetera, but the truth? I don't know shit about shit. Not being self-deprecating, but the best lesson I've learned in three years is realizing how much I still don't know, and more importantly, being okay with that fact. I recognize that my opinion and a dime leaves you with ten cents, so here's my brief advice; Do it. Whatever it is, nut up and go for it. Move, love, travel, teach, explore, create, and from maybe from time to time simply exist. But whatever it is, do it because it speaks to your soul.

(Also, read this post from Coke Talk and take it to heart, particularly the difference between self-exploration and self-indulgence).

And that's all I have on that topic. Go forth and be awesome.

In completely unrelated news, if you ever leave a massive pile of discarded clothing on a dressing room floor I will come to your place of employment and defecate in/on/around your workspace. That is my fair warning now that I'm back in the retail world.

Lastly, upon visiting this weekend my sixty-nine year old grandmother made a beaver joke. Straight-up double entendre regarding the irony of my chosen stuffed bedfellow and my avoidance of vagina.

I was never the kid that wondered if he was adopted. I clearly belong with the crazies.

And I have to be to work in not-too-many hours, so off to bed with me.
But seriously about the clothes....it's just unnecessary. Goddamn.


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