things my friends say, vol. 2

Today's nugget is compliments of:

"You don't deserve anything just because you showed up."

Respectively lifted from his blog, but it was just too perfect not to include given this week's running theme. Speaking of, I did Day One of my 30 Day Shred....I sweat so hard on the carpet we may have to forfeit our security deposit. AK had to pour me water afterward because I couldn't lift the Brita pitcher. Full range of motion is gone for the time being, but hot damn I'm gonna be fit as a fiddle!

Lastly, on occasion I like to post visually pleasing things, because after all this whole masturbatory medium is really about exercising my right to create my own fun bubble. Allow me to introduce Mark Salling, my new favorite person from my new favorite show.

....and now I'm off for a cold shower.
Stay funky my friends.



  1. I'm pretty into glee myself. Can we talk about that cheerleading coach?

  2. that's a really messed up picture to use. out of all the pictures we have together, you choose me and my dog?!