short and sweet

When it's time to work, work hard.When it's time to play, play hard. Remain mindful of this, and you'll go further in life than most people.

I'm writing that more for me than anyone else. But it's definitely universal. Gotta remember that fun ain't free, and progress ain't easy.

How did we feel about the usage of color up yonder? Green for spring? No? No one cares. Also I saw Topanga from Boy Meets World (who isn't famous enough
for me to know her real name) while lunching at Luna Park today, and by default this makes my day awesome.

That's all. Was it good for you? I feel you had to fake it as to not hurt my feelings. So here's an added bonus we can all relate to:

hat tip: bam!

OK now that's all.



  1. Fun fact... or really rather worthless.
    But Topanga is from the Yorb.


  2. I saw that guy Ty from Extreme Makeover Home Edition in San Francisco on Tuesday! I went back to work and told everyone about it and no one even knew what I was talking about. Jerks.

    Topanga would make my day awesome too. Are her lips really that full and luscious? Are they???