I never truly explained my old blog, so with this new beginning I want to make sure we're all properly acquainted.

nice to meet you

I loved my old blog, the way you love a favorite stuffed animal even when the fur starts to fall off. I started it early on in college, partly as a means of venting transitional angst, but mostly because I got the feeling I'd want a loose record of my shenanigans
; a rare moment of foresight on my part. I called it Almost California, a title I ripped off from a Chuck Palahniuk essay about the futility of trying to be something you're not. When I moved to LA in January of '08 it became a place to record observations and stretch a bit more of the literary muscle I paid ol' Chappy U so much to strengthen. If you ever want to re-visit the good, the bad, and the inappropriate, older posts can be found here.

And now this. What is Cabbages and Kings? I don't know yet, and that's the basis of its appeal. Random musings? Occasional updates on my life? Pretty things I want? Guarded attempts at actually growing as a writer? Yes. All of the above will most likely happen, sprinkled with questionably amusing images that I find on the inter-web.

I do realize that is more or less what the old blog was about. The similarity does not escape me. However, this symbolizes my version of a bold move in the right direction. This is less about form and more about function. Being someone that's always been terrified of failure, letting loose creatively does not come easily.
So this me letting my hair down, in a sense. I might not always have a point, but the same can be said of real life, so I feel somewhat justified. If you get how this message all ties in with the abundant Alice in Wonderland references, go ahead and add two gold stars to your chart. Ya done good.

So that's that, amigos. Thanks for checking in on my little corner of the world. Even if I never know you were here, the mere chance that someone somewhere is sharing my art is enough to keep my dreams from becoming another raisin in the sun.

Namaste, my lovelies.


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